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A Grand unified theory

Indie Rock
Boston, MA

Restless rock n’ roll echoes,
old-school grooves, and
optimistic indie-pop bops.

Orson & the Rosebuds is Christian DeKnatel, Tessa Berliner, Tim Orth, and Nick Smith (Figure 1).

Christian formulated Orson between physics classes, jotting down lyrics alongside coffee-stained Schrödinger equations. After meeting him in a college production of Green Day’s American Idiot, Tessa joined the band with Christian’s roommates — jazz/funk jammers Nick & Tim — to put on energetic and earnestly eager rock performances in the Boston and NY areas. Evolving from the wholesome origins of their collaborative debut album and lo-fi/live album sequel, O&tR now spiritedly venture into systems of orientation, reality, and reaction as they record their upcoming LP, When Up is Down, due November.

“...packed with thunderous riffs, warm harmonies and a chorus so catchy it’ll stick in the mind immediately…” – Sounds Good Blog

“...a conglomerate of indie summer bops this generation deserves” – The Beat Boston

“...a refreshing, innovative slice of heaven highlighting the band's creative resolve in living color.” – Music Box Pete

Figure 1 - LtR: Nick Smith, Christian DeKnatel, Tessa Berliner, Tim Orth

Figure 1 - LtR: Nick Smith, Christian DeKnatel, Tessa Berliner, Tim Orth

Photos: Joe Kim




Soft, Comfy, Cute
Just the Hits
artwork on Gilden and Toltex 100% cotton T-shirts.
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Friends of Friends

A colorful cartoon world of collaboration. With a cast of characters designed by Laura Browne, the album is a celebration of fresh starts and new friends.

Enemies of Enemies

Loud, Lofi and Live. Stepping out from the screen and onto the stage, O&tR takes full form with "a conglomerate of indie summer bops this generation deserves.”


When up is down

Coming November 2019.


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